Monday, January 18, 2010

So many .... so little time

How do you bloggers out there find time to not only read books but to write thoughtful and interesting posts about them? My head is full of ideas for different posts I want to write, and I've started notes on them, but by the time I have finished with the responsible part of my day - work, cleaning (well, that I usually put off), cooking, exercising - it's all I can do to stay awake to read for a little while before going to bed. For those of you with kids who still manage to do all this as well -- God bless you.
I'm still trying to figure out a routine for myself with this blog and I am going to make every effort to post at least twice a week. I initially thought that I would just simply sit at the computer after reading something that interested me and quickly dash off a post, but I now realize it is not quite as simple as that. I want to make sure that what I post is well-written and will interest those who are reading it, and for me that takes time and thought.
Anyways, here are some of the posts I am working on:
1. Reading and travelling
2. Weight loss memoirs
3. Literature of the Holocaust
4. Influence of Paris on the Harlem Renaissance (for the Classics Circuit in February)


  1. I struggle to find time lately. I used to read blogs and write posts while my son was napping but he's just stopped napping lol. So my posting will be less frequent.

    Because I'm a stay-at-home mom at home I get time like right now when my son is playing to read blogs and/or write posts. I try to write a post early in the morning (wake up early) but I lately have been sleeping in. And then I sometimes jot off a post at night before i go and read in bed but when my husband is home or I have an evening book club or something, for example, that doesn't happen either.

    So the bottom line is, it doesn't get easy, but I do find it rewarding and just put in what you get time for!

  2. Hmm. Writing reviews and scheduling them when you have the time is a great way to save up for when you don't!

  3. I like your question and I wish I could help out with an answer but, alas, I also struggle with the same thing. I seem to be thinking about a blog in my head but it doesn't always make it down. I have a notebook with a list of posting ideas and outlines that's getting bigger and bigger. I hope they'll eventually come in handy when I find time to write them out.
    So, I like Lu's idea of scheduling but I haven't tried it yet. Like Rebecca, I do find it rewarding even in the little I put in. I'm going to continue with my simple blogs and be persistent. That's the best I can say.
    I'm curious to see what ideas others have.

  4. Rebecca, Lu, Julie -- thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. I guess I'm still trying to figure it all out, and ultimately I just have to get myself into a routine; since reading is what I love to do, it only make sense to spend time on things related to it.


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