Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finding the time to get it all in

Oh my God, it's May 5!  I already have the sense that I'm running out of time to read the books I have planned to read this month.  This last weekend, I figured I had plenty of time so I started reading random books from the shelf, but now I'm thinking that I need to re-assess what I am reading and change the rotation accordingly.

Since I've joined a couple of  face-to-face book groups, started following different blogs and establishing my own blog, I've become more "involved" in the reading community; I have also been fortunate enough to receive a few review copies of books from publishers.  I feel that to make a meaningful contribution to this community I will need to set and follow some sort of schedule.   That's not to say I'm forcing myself to read -- far from it, I want to read too much! -- but I think I need to change the way I choose what I read. 

If you blog -- how do you choose what and when you read?  Do you keep to any kind of schedule?


  1. I keep no schedule whatsover, save the loose schedule for face to face groups. Otherwise I wander from book to book. If I'm sitting by a particular book and it catches my eye I pick it up and start it. Then I forget all about other books I've started, which is kind of bad, but there you have it! Can't say my reading life isn't interesting and varied, at least.

  2. haha, i know exactly what you mean! i get overwhelmed with review books and book clubs and everything, too.

    to try to keep on top of it, i usually will limit myself to 6 or 7 books that i MUST read in a month, be it for review or for personal reasons, and then if i have time, fill in with others. once i have 7 books lined up for a month, i won't accept any more review books for that month. i can realistically read 10-12 books in a month (depending on the books, of course), but i like to leave myself some wiggle room.

    if i'm ahead of schedule (and only you can really know this about yourself) then i might pick up something else off of my shelf or from the library earlier in a month. otherwise, i read my 'assigned' books first, then fill up the remaining time in a month for whatever i like.

    it's not a perfect system, but it helps keep me from getting too overwhelmed.


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