Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Monday -- What are You Reading?


  It's Monday - What are you Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at bookjourney to allow us to share with others in the book-loving cyberworld what is on our reading plates.

  This week, the only book I finished was A Novel Bookstore by Laurence Cosse.  I abandoned Freedom after 20 pages because it just wasn't doing anything for me.

  Books in progress:

  The latter part of the week was slightly tumultuous for me.  An employee's domestic situation brought itself into my workplace and somehow my office (and a few others) was targeted.  I arrived at work on Thursday to find that my desk had been trashed with equipment overturned and just about everything else scattered on the floor.  Thankfully nobody was physically injured and the property damage was minimal, but it was still a scary situation -- you know it wasn't something personally directed at you, but it feels that way nonetheless.  Hopefully this week will be less dramatic.


  1. Interesting to hear that Freedom was a "did not finish" novel -- good to know!

    So good to hear that no one got hurt -- please be very careful!

    Here's my Monday: Coffee and a Book Chick -- Mailbox Monday...

  2. How was A Novel Bookstore? The cover caught my eye a while back. Sorry to here about your office, definitely scarey.

  3. I adore Emma, I do so hope you are enjoying it. Have a wonderful week reading. My Monday can be found here:

  4. Not a nice thing to happen around the office.

    I like the sound of Mary Tudor - will have to check that one out.

    Happy reading!

  5. Oh wow - that is terrible about your office. Glad you are ok.

    I have to get through Emma myseld one of these days. Its a goal :)

  6. I couldn't get into quite a few books this week either.

    Oh my about your office, if that was mine I would totally know a disgruntled empployee, still a unsettling situation.

    My post.

  7. Good luck with Emma.

    Mostly I read picture books. Here's what I'm reading this week.

  8. So sorry to read about your office - I bet it was scary. Interesting that you didn't finish Freedom. Even with the current hype it just didn't draw me in or tempt me.
    I like your choices this week. Lots of history going on. Have a great week.

  9. I hope you have a much more peaceful week!

    happy reading

  10. That sounds like a scary situation to be faced with - I'm glad you're okay! Hope the only drama for you this week is found in the books you're reading! :)

  11. Glad you are ok. Enjoy your books

  12. I wonder what Parrot & Olivier is like. Isn't it on the Booker shortlist? I hope you have a better week this week, without scary incidents.

  13. Glad you are all right after the office scare. Boy, life sure throws you some curveballs, doesn't it?

    That's too bad about Freedom. It's next on my TBR pile. Anything in particular you didn't like about it? I struggled to like The Corrections (Franzen's other major book), so maybe this will be deja vu.

    Here's my Monday post. Cheers!

  14. I'm sure in addition to concern for your co-worker, you absorbed a bit of violation regarding your work space. I hope things have worked themselves out; and I'm glad you're okay. A Novel Bookstore caught my eye in the bookstore last week. Needless to say, it's on my TBR. Have a great week.

  15. Thanks everyone for your concern -- things are essentially back to normal at the office, though "the incident" is still in the back of our minds.

    I definitely hope that all my drama this week will be in what I'm reading! The French Revolution in Parrot & Olivier (yes, leeswammes, shortlisted for the Booker) and the life of Mary Tudor should do the trick.

    I will have a post later this week about A Novel Bookstore -- a great read for booklovers!


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