Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Monday -- What are you Reading?

  It's Monday - What are you Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at bookjourney to allow us to share with others in the book-loving cyberworld what is on our reading plates.

  This week I finished the following books:
  Books in Progress:
  Books Abandoned:
          I have read and enjoyed other Vreeland novels but this one couldn't hold my interest through the first 30 pages.  I will try it again one day.

What are you reading this week?


  1. You've been reading some great books. Don't worry about abandoning books, if it doesn't click, why make yourself continue?

    Recently, I gave up after 30 pages of a 90 page book. Yes! It was SO boring, I couldn't stand another 60 pages of it. :-)

  2. All the books you read this past week are all ones I am reading, am planning to read, or want to read!!

    I also have a problem abandoning books and will stick it out even though I know I am not enjoying myself.

  3. Ditto Leeswammes on DNF books--it seems like a waste of time slogging through a book you don't enjoy when there are so many left to start reading! Congrats on a fantastic week :)

  4. I got some more fun reading done last week. Next week will involve a lot of K to 3 books. Come see what I'm reading now.

  5. I am really interested in reading Weird Sisters and The Gathering looks goo too. Have great week!

  6. You have a great list here. I've seen a lot of favorable reviews of The Weird Sisters. I think I may have to get that one. Happy Reading!

  7. I forced myself to get through The Gathering so I think that is why I had less patience with Clara & Mr.Tiffany. I will try it again.

  8. Hockey and Hijab looks good


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