Thursday, February 24, 2011

Literary Blog Hop Giveaway Winner!

First of all let me once again thank Judith at leeswammes who hosted this fantastic blog hop.  I expected a few extra commenters and some new followers, but I was bowled over by the actual numbers -- over 100 commenters to the giveaway post and about 30 new followers. 

I hope I can live up to everyone's expectations :-)

Anyways -- to the reason why you are probably reading this -- the winner of my literary blog hop giveaway, chosen randomly using is


She has requested a copy of A Novel Bookstore.  I have contacted her by e-mail and as soon as the snail-mail address is in my hands the book is on its way.

Thank you all once again for visiting my blog!


  1. +JMJ+

    Thank you so much, Suzanne! I've already replied to your e-mail. =)

  2. Congrats, Enbrethille! I think the book you chose is very interesting (I also want to read it).

    Yes, the response has been brilliant, Sue. I think most of us are very pleased with the number of entries and new subscribers.

  3. Congrats to Enbrethille! That does look like a great book you've chosen.

  4. Congratulations! That was my choice of books too. Enjoy!


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