Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday -- What are You Reading?

  It's Monday - What are you Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at bookjourney to allow us to share with others in the book-loving cyberworld what is on our reading plates.

  This week I finished the following books:
  Books in Progress:
  So a shorter work week this week because on Friday I am off to the Books on the Nightstand Readers' Retreat in Manchester, Vermont!  I am a broken record about this but I am SO looking forward to this weekend.  The dilemma is what suitcase to bring -- it has to be small enough to carry on the plane to avoid the baggage fees, but big enough (and strong enough!) to handle the load of books I will be coming home with .....

  What are you reading this week?


  1. Nice mixed bunch of reading. Enjoy.

  2. You've are going to be reading some good stuff there. I hope you enjoy the Boyle. He is one of my favorite authors. I am reading Dancing with Gravity and hoping to get really deep into it this afternoon. Happy reading to you!

  3. The Tortilla Curtain sounds fascinating! I would love to read your thoughts on it. :)

  4. I loved The Tortilla Curtain and the Typo hunt book looks fun as well. Will you write reviews?

    Have fun at the retreat!!! I will follow the link and check what it is like (I did this months ago, so I know it's fun but I forgot the details).

  5. Hope you enjoy Don Quixote! I know I did when I read it in college.

    Here's my Monday:

  6. A review for The Tortilla Curtain should be up later this week.

    Judith -- I did post a review on the Great Typo Hunt last week:

    Bev -- I am enjoying Don Quixote. It is not at all what I expected.

  7. Spring Break's over. I mostly read books for my project. Come see what I finished.

  8. That sounds like a wonderful retreat. Hope you get lots of good reads.

  9. have so much fun on your retreat!


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