Thursday, April 7, 2011

What to Bring, What to Bring

  I may have mentioned (several times) that this weekend I will be attending the Books on the Nightstand Readers' Retreat in Manchester, VT.  After the crazy week I've had at the office I'm looking forward to this even more. 

  Anyways, it's just a weekend and it's casual, so I don't have to pack very much -- some clothes, pajamas, toothbrush, etc. -- but I'm stuck:

What do I bring to read?

  It's a given that I will be purchasing a few books (ahem, I may have already pre-ordered some written by the authors attending the retreat) so I'm not worried about the trip home, but on the flight there I need something.

  I suppose I should bring my copy of Don Quixote because my classics group meets in less than two weeks and I have about 2/3 of the book to finish yet; but it's such a huge thing and I get jittery (again, I have issues) when I don't have a choice in front of me.  So I'm probably going to bring one more book to cleanse my reading palate, as it were.  But which book?  I'm overwhelmed with choice.

  Better get back to perusing the bookshelves ....


  1. I think you should aim for the Don Quixote. Jitters aside, sometimes when you have a huge, possibly-boring but assigned book and a looming deadline, there is nothing quite like no options to get you to actually read it. Good luck.

  2. Go for DQ. I'm off to a conference next week and I've resolved to only bring one (one?) book. Not sure I can do it....

    Have a relaxing time at your retreat!

  3. Don Quiote is a great book and very funny (the first book that is, the second one is more depressing). I especially like the one translated by Edith Grossman (

  4. Bring something light to read. In airports and planes there are lots of distractions and if your book is heavy-going you will be distracted most of the time. A book with a great story line is what you need.

    Hope you have absolutely and totally the most amazing, great and fantastic time you could possibly have!

  5. Hope you are, am sure you are, having a great time.


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