Sunday, December 19, 2010

Secret Santa Meets the Grinch


 I wasn't sure if I was going to write a post about this, but I thought it might turn my lemon into someone else's lemonade so here goes.  (and I know I'm going to sound petty and selfish -- I do apologize)

  I signed up for a Secret Santa gift exchange on The Neverending Shelf's blog.  I received the name of another blogger with a list of books they had on their wish list and - though the books weren't familiar to me at all - I searched around to find a few on the list and had them sent.  Not a huge amount of time spent in the process, but enough (I felt) to make sure that I was choosing something this person would like.

  So a few days ago, my Secret Santa package arrived in the mail, and I was very excited to open it and see what treasures awaited (don't we all turn back into children at Christmas?).  Alas, my husband had a good laugh at my face when I had my first look, because the books weren't what I was expecting at all:

I certainly appreciate the effort that my Secret Santa made to package and send these books to me, and I don't remember exactly what I put on my wish list; but these don't even come close to anything that I would have chosen.  I did page through each of them to get a feel for the stories and I know that I am not going to ever read any of them.

I know -- Bah Humbug indeed.  And I feel rotten because of it.  But I do want to see these books go to someone who are genuinely interested in reading them, so if you would like any of these books please comment below and I will gladly send them to you.


  1. I don't think there's anything humbug about this at all. The instructions were to choose items from the list provided, with some personal touches added, if the Secret Santa was so inclined. It didn't say, send whatever random books you have lying around and don't mind getting rid of. That's more of a White Elephant type thing, which Neverending Shelf's S.S. was not, because I was in this one as well.

    Sorry about your bad luck. =/

  2. What a pity the books aren't at all what you'd want to read. I always try to think why someone may have done something odd like that and the only explanation I can come up with is that she or he genuinely believes these books are so great that anyone will like them.

    But if the small print said to send something off the list, then she/he didn't play fair.

  3. How disappointing! My Secret Santa (from a different sponsor blog) sent me some random books...BUT she did that in addition to sending me one that I had mentioned. And, I could tell that she had tried very hard to make the random books fit into my stated preferences. But to only send random books when the rules said to send something off the list...not cool. Sorry your Secret Santa experience wasn't a good one.

  4. Thanks everyone -- I know it's not a huge deal but I still felt bummed about the whole thing.

  5. I know what you mean, I recieved Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as one of my secret santa gifts.Whereabouts are you Suzanne ? Any interests for Rough Magic as it looks like something up my alley. and

  6. That's too bad - I know, it is so much fun to open up gifts (especially of the reading variety), I'm sorry for your disappointment. Happy Holidays and hope your day looks up!

  7. (This is why I'm not interested in Secret Santa things....Sorry for the disappointment...)

  8. Ugh - sorry for the bad luck. I wouldn't read any of those either! ;)

  9. How sad. It's a shame that the secret Santa didn't take your wishes seriously. Honestly, they don't look like any I would pick either.
    I'm curious, what was on your list?


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