Sunday, July 4, 2010

Canadian Book Challenge

  Canada Day -- July 1 -- marked the beginning of the fourth Canadian Book Challenge, hosted by John at The Book Mine Set.  The challenge is to read and review 13 Canadian books (13 representing the number of Canadian provinces and territories) before next Canada Day.

  I am very excited about this challenge and for the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into the literature of my native land, even though it is no longer my home.  Everyone knows about Lucy Maud Montgomery, Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel, Alice Munro; some might know of Mordecai Richler, Carol Shields, Rohinton Mistry, Michael Ondaatje, and Douglas Coupland -- however there are other Canadian writers who have written some great novels and do not receive the exposure and recognition that they deserve. 

  Whenever head up to my hometown - Winnipeg - or to visit my brother in Toronto, I always find myself at a bookstore and pick up a few Canadian books.  I think I have a few on my shelf now to get me started -- time to go have a look!


  1. I signed up, too! I'm always annoyed how undereducated I am about Canada. Time to help remedy that.

  2. That's great, Lisa! I have plenty of books on the shelf if you would like to borrow some. (p.s. remind me to bring along some nanaimo bars to one of our next group meetings)

  3. So glad to have you both on board! I look forward to seeing what selections you'll choose.

  4. I Googled the nanaimo bars and WOW! They look fantastic!


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