Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Booktopia!

  So remember in the spring when I mentioned the Books on the Nightstand Readers' Retreat (best weekend ever)?  Several times?  Well look what was announced last Friday:

It's Booktopia -- featuring not one, not two, but THREE reading retreats throughout 2012.

I'm not much of a California girl (and I can't wait until next October), and though I absolutely LOVED Manchester, Vermont in April where the first retreat was held, I've never been to the Deep South; so I have registered for the retreat in Oxford, Mississippi, in June.

If you have the time and the money (although books will be purchased, one must also eat and sleep and get there somehow), I highly recommend any (or all!) of the retreats.  It will be a weekend of books and talking with other bibliophiles about books. An added highlight to the Oxford retreat is that it's the home of William Faulkner, so I might actually attempt one of his novels again.

So excited!!!!


  1. Geez, this sounds like fun! A perfect weekend being surrounded by readers, authors, in a bookstore, and talking about books, etc. I'd love the Vermont retreat, but as I live in LA, the Santa Cruz venue is probably the more realistic. Thanks for the info! Cheers! Chris

  2. This does sound like it will be a lot of fun, and had I not already gone for my reading trip this year, this might have been a serious contender! I hope that you have a great time out there, and that you bring back news and pictures!


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