Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something Missing

Something Missing:A Novel by Matthew Dicks
Published:  2009 by Broadway Books
Source:  Borrowed from the library

  If it wasn't for the fact that we lived in different states, I could almost swear that I was a client of Martin Railsback.  Martin is not your ordinary thief - he is extremely selective in whom he chooses as clients to keep their "business" he avoids smashing and grabbing and going for the high-ticket items like flat-screen TVs that would obviously be noticed if missing; rather he takes things that would not be immediately missed (if at all) - a few pounds of meat from the overstocked freezer, some aspirin from the Costco-sized bottle, a few cups of Liquid Plum'r - and leaves the house in the exact condition it was in when he arrived.
  Martin has a method to his chosen work (ok, he is obsessive/compulsive, and a bit of a loner), and it has served him well for a number of years, until an incident at the home of one of his clients causes him to take a few risks in order to protect them.  His valor continues with other clients, and Martin becomes more involved with people than he ever thought he'd be comfortable with.

  This is a light read but at times also a page-turner as the author creates some great suspense.  And although technically a criminal in the eyes of the law, Martin is someone you just can't help but liking.  The ending I felt left things wide open for a sequel and I hope Matthew Dicks has one in the works because I will definitely read it.

  Highly recommended.

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  1. I have read a lot of good things about this book, and bought a copy awhile ago for my birthday. I also heard that his other book, Unexpectedly Milo is really great as well. I can't wait to get to this one, and am glad that you enjoyed it!


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