Saturday, December 3, 2011

Belated Readathon Update #4

Did you miss me? 

I made a poor choice with my second book, The Disappearance at Pere Lachaise and I think that wore me down.  I got about 70 pages in and it just wasn't interesting me.  So after a quick run to the grocery store and dinner with the hub, I'm going to go back into Half Blood Blues and a few more chapters of Bleak House.

Sadly, I have to go to work in the morning, so I'll have to shut down at around midnight or so.  I plan to get at least four more hours of reading in so that my donation to Sit Stay Read can hit $50.

Off to read ....


  1. I made a bad choice with my second read too.It sounds like you're doing great anyway. Happy reading!

  2. Sid should be good company for read-a-thon-ing, I'd say. Great book! Hope the rest of your night is filled with good reading.

  3. Sorry Pere Lachaise didn't work out for you but hopefully Half Blood Blues will be a good end to the readathon. Good luck!


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