Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

Dear Ms. Weiner,

  Ever since I picked up a copy of your first novel, Good in Bed, I have been a fan.  Your real portrayals of women along with your ability to write with wit and compassion are so different from other writers of the so-called chick-lit genre that I eagerly anticipate the release of your new books and purchase them immediately - in hardcover.

  I'm sad to say, though, that Fly Away Home is not your best piece of work.  The premise -- a loyal senator's wife humiliated by her husband's admission of an extra-marital affair, the lives of their two polar-opposite daughters, Diana and Lizzie, and the attempt at reconciliation -- seemed like it was "ripped from the headlines", especially with the references to similar real-life scandals.  I found none of the characters - not even Milo, Diana's son -- particularly likeable, and I found some of the situations your characters faced in the context of the story (an unexpected pregnancy, for one) far-fetched.

  I still adore your work, and am marking this down as a one-time only blip.  Bring back the real characters and tell a story that we can relate to, and don't fall into the trap about writing about the hot scandal.



  1. I have this one waiting to be picked up at the library. I can understand why you would be disappointed, I dislike when authors all of a sudden write one book ripped from the headlines, when their other books aren't like that.

  2. Sorry you were disappointed by this one. Hope her next book gets back on track.


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