Sunday, June 13, 2010

Printers' Row Lit Fest

I'll say it up front -- I'm a dork.

One of the highlights of the summer for me is the Printers' Row Lit Fest in downtown Chicago, which was held this weekend.  Despite a bit of rain and cooler than expected temperatures, it was a wonderful day for books and the authors who write them.

I went to a few author events:
       Barbara Ehrenreich
       Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who after signing my copy of Half of a Yellow Sun was gracious enough to write down a few names of other modern African authors:

        Brigid Pasulka, Dan Chaon, and Katharine Weber - an interesting discussion on how identity played a role in their novels.
      After the author events I purchased a few books that I didn't already own or haven't read:
     (I've read Chaon's Await Your Reply and have You remind me of me on the to-read shelf; I just finished Pasulka's A Long Long Time Ago & Essentially True which was fantastic (review soon!);  I've also read Ehrenreich's Bright-sided)

      In addition to the author events there are many used and new booksellers and publishers with tables along a few blocks of South Dearborn Street (the historic Printers' Row of Chicago) selling books.  Thankfully most of them only take cash, and I bring only a budgeted amount, so I only bought two more books:
     I keep telling myself that I should stay the weekend in Chicago and take in the Sunday programs as well, and one year I will do that.  Anyone interested in joining me?


  1. Oh I always want to do this and never do. I volunteered to help out the year Alexander McCall Smith came (MANY years ago) and that was cool.

    And I just signed up to read THE YELLOW-LIGHTED BOOKSHOP for the spotlight series tour. Are you doing that to?

  2. No, Rebecca, I wasn't aware of it but I'll check it out. Thanks for the info.

  3. i haven't read chaon's await your reply yet although it is on my tbr. however, i have read you remind me of you and definitely enjoyed it. it was different and not what i was expecting at all. i hope you'll enjoy it too.

  4. very cool! i've had Half of a Yellow Sun on my TBR list for a while now... African literature has always been something that i've enjoyed.

    i'm interested to hear your thoughts on the Urrea, too. i have that one on the pile as well.


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