Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ulysses Wednesday #3

  Welcome to Ulysses Wednesday, where I track my progress reading James Joyce's tale of a day in the life of Leopold Bloom.

  Status: on page 162 of 783

  Nothing of interest has happened since my last update.  Bloom and his fellow pallbearers continue to the funeral and burial, socialize, and then Bloom goes to the newspaper office where he sells advertising -- in this chapter Joyce uses bold-print headlines to break up the action, even though (to me) the headlines don't relate to what is happening. 
  I probably should look for a good reader's guide to help me through; I'm hoping that this is just a dull section because I didn't get anything out of it.


  1. this is why I'm not yet ready to read Ulysses. I'm afraid all of it will feel like a dull section.

  2. This part was gaggy dry to me too. E thought some of the funniest jokes were contained in this, but I never got them. (Don't tell him that!) Skim skim till the next chapter. There's one more Gawd aweful part in Circe. The whole book is so thick with meaning and cultural references, that it's really hard to understand it on the first read, but he's trying to bring the reader to a state of mind. That's it. He's moving you into a different state of consciousness.

    Rebecca made me laugh! :D No one can get ready for Ulysses. Juke gotta duke it out.



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