Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November's Reading List

  It's hard to believe it is already November -- the weather is cooling off, the days are getting shorter, and the holidays are fast approaching, but there is always plenty of reading to be done!

  My book club reads for this month are:
 Blogger Recommendations this month are:
  I am also going to get started on War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, which is my Classics group's January book for discussion.  When I do begin I will post my progress.

  Aside from these books I will certainly work through my TBR piles (that thing I mentioned last month about not buying books?  yeah, didn't happen).  I have to spend some time organizing them so I can be reminded of what is there, but I'd really much rather spend the time reading .....

  Oh, and later this month will be my one year blogiversary!  I'm thinking of offering some sort of giveaway, so stay tuned!


  1. A nice mix of books, Sue! And I'm pleased you're picking up Tulip Fever, I liked it. I actually exchanged it with a friend for another book about the tulip fever, called The House of Windjammer. I might read that this month.

    Almost your blogoversary! Wow! I've just passed the half-year mark.

    Happy reading!

  2. I haven't made any progress on Silas Marner yet either.I really meant to. Because I too wanted a good start on War and Peace. Getting worried about that one...

  3. I read Nectar in a Sieve recently and loved it. Good luck with Silas Marner!

  4. You have some great books lined up. Its my blogoversary this month too - hasn't the year gone fast?
    Enjoy your reading.

  5. I would recommend downloading a family tree and list of characters for War & Peace, I have found these invaluable while reading this!


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