Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November's Reading List

  Well after a fairly slow start to October I did manage to finish the month with a better sense of accomplishment.  I still don't think I read as many books as I normally do in a month, but I felt I got my reading "mojo" back.  Let's hope it continues through November, where the cooler weather makes curling up with a book the ideal form of relaxation.

  What will I be reading in November?

  For Reading Groups:
 For Review:
Readers' Poll:

I'm starting to look out for challenges for 2012 -- if you see any that sound interesting please let me know!

What will you be reading in November?


  1. Enjoy your November list.

    I have a couple of festive reads, some chicklit, some historical fiction. All looking good.


  2. It sounds like you are going to be having a great reading month! I wish you well in your reading endeavors!

  3. Falling For Me seems interesting, I'll make a note of it for next year. The entire month of November for me will be dedicated to catching up on reviewing books authors sent me. Hoping for a gem!


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